What countries can we ship sex dolls to?

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Many people visit our website every day and ask questions about sex dolls shipping.
The following are the most common questions.


























1 Sorry to keep bugging you but I’m really interested in this one but afraid to have it shipped to the United States! Do you have someone here that you can ship to and they could ship it to me?
2 I am interested in this doll. Is it possible to send it to Germany or is it a Problem? Have you some more pictures for me.
3 Can you ship to the UK without customs problems?
4 I would like a 127 cm high flat chest doll but it is illegal in France, I would like to know if customs can seize the doll? IF YES, will I be reimbursed?
5 I am interested in sex doll flat chest teen is there any problem in importing into Switzerland? Do you have any videos of these dolls?

The core of their question is “can you safely transport this doll to XXX (country name) Usually, we check their IP and ask where they come from. We will remind them not to buy from us, if we can not ship there, or it is high risk and high tax to import sex dolls in their country. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of money, even be listed in the customs, knocked by the police, and thrown into prison. The cost is too high to be worth it. Online shopping should be a pleasant and relaxing thing. We don’t have to take too many risks for ourselves and our family to get a doll. Do you think so?
There are more than 200 countries and regions in the world. If possible, I hope our dolls can be sold to every corner of every country and region, and even to the moon. In this way, when people buy what they want, we also make a lot of money. Why not do it? However, our ability is limited. Not everyone in every region can enjoy our high-quality products and services. Even if they are rich, they can’t. We must do things within our own capabilities and strictly abide by local laws and regulations. Therefore, when we answer whether it can be safely delivered to you, this is the answer we give according to the actual situation. If you are satisfied or dissatisfied, we will truthfully inform you.
First of all, let’s talk about countries that can’t transport sex dolls, because it’s easy to explain. Due to religious reasons, Islamic countries have clear laws prohibiting the import of sex dolls. For example, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, etc. Other countries, such as Brazil, Panama, Colombia, Peru and other Latin American countries, do not allow the import of sex dolls or impose tariffs as high as 100%. For these countries and religions, it is impossible to transport sex dolls to buyers’ homes. We just lost the teenage sex doll, but he will lose a lot of money. He may even enter the customs blacklist, or be investigated by the police and sent to prison. This is absolutely not a joke or alarmist, it is true. Please be careful not to scare yourself and your family.

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