What are the skills about sex

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Reasonable control of the speed
Appropriately slow down the pace, slow affectionate sex is more seductive to the wife. With the synchronization of “sexual excitement”, the wife will naturally get satisfied.

Rotation movement
The technique of drawing a circle with the waist is most suitable for the movement of women in the lower position. The two of them are close to each other while doing the rotation movement.

Foreplay outside the bedroom
Foreplay must not be optional, but a “requirement”. It is not limited to physical sexual contact, in addition to some explicit sexual expressions, compliments and mutual massage can be better to stimulate the partner.

Partners can use the method of “lust” to extend the time, that is, to reach when the abrupt stop, start again. It is important to remember that this cannot be transformed overnight and that both partners must be consistent in their exercise and practice to learn to stay in bed longer.

Intercourse is indeed an art. And it is an art for two people. It’s like: ice skating for two. It’s all about cooperation. Practice has shown that if the woman is good at leading, the man can properly extend the time and the woman can get enough satisfaction.

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