What are the signs that a couple can still get back after a breakup?

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Do not want to give up the relationship, want to get back together with each other. So, how do we know if the relationship can be salvaged? What are the specific signs?


Often care about you.
Encounter rain, will also care about whether you bring umbrellas, cooling, will also instruct you to wear more clothes. In fact, he still used to be so concerned about you, so that it is actually still in your heart.

Concerned about your dynamics.
When you send a new message in the circle of friends, in the microblogging, the ex-girlfriend will always leave a few words, or you can see him in the recent visitors every time you open the space.

Asking about you from the aspect of friends.
When you get together with friends you haven’t seen for a long time, you will say that your ex-girlfriend asked about your recent life from him, asking how you are doing, if you are happy and thinking about you.

Not changing nicknames
Maybe you had changed the same screen name when you were in love, and you found out for a long time that she hadn’t changed it all along.

Hanging around you.
You may find that sometimes he will somehow appear in your surroundings, may say some excuse to say their own accidental passing, which is certainly a lie, the world is so big la. Which can say accidental can be accidental every day?

Did not go to speak with relatives and friends, for those who have left room, they generally do not talk about the breakup in front of relatives and friends, which also prepared some for future encounters. At the same time, if the other party occasionally keep in touch with your family, this situation, the compound rate is very high.

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