What are the common types of sex positions in sex life?

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Sex positions
Classic Missionary
This position allows both partners to continue kissing passionately, touching and gazing at each other, enriching their emotional communication. To change the monotony of this traditional position, men can change the angle of sex and women may wish to twist their hips.

Rear entry
The vast majority of men prefer the rear-entry position. It can better stimulate the depths of women, plus men can easily touch each other’s bodies, can make the pleasure doubled. However, at this time, men should pay attention to the strength of the sex, so as not to hurt the female partner.

Face to face side lying
This posture is suitable for men who are prone to premature ejaculation, and its movements are small, which can prolong sex time. This posture is also conducive to whispering in the ears of the couple, enjoy the unity of the spirit and flesh.

Cat pose
This is known as the “straight sex technique”, which allows women to feel a strong clitoral orgasm. It is somewhat similar to the missionary position, but requires the man to lean forward and place his arms on the woman’s shoulders for support, with their bodies completely close together and keeping their spines straight. During sex, the man can move gently up and down, rather than back and forth.

Royal female position
It allows the woman to decide whether to have an orgasm through clitoral or G-spot stimulation. If the former is desired, the woman can lean forward with her back bent and her lower body pressed against the root of her partner’s genitals. Try moving laterally from side to side to rub the G-spot.

Pushing the cart
This is a “quick and dirty” way to get laid. The woman can lie on her back on the table with her limbs spread out and the man standing in front of her. The angle of this position and the intensity of the sex can make the heat rise in the shortest possible time. The only downside, however, is that men will have trouble controlling their orgasms due to the overwhelming sense of stimulation.

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