Wedding and sex dolls

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Everyone is looking for their true love, so they are not so lonely, two people stay together for life. In the middle, love can happen at any time.

Marriage comes from people and sex dolls. So a man from Kazakhstan has an abnormal marriage. The bodybuilder married a sex doll. But shortly after the wedding, the crisis began.

Her body temperature is a comfortable 36.8 degrees, and the electric blanket can be turned off. When she touched the skin for the first time, the athlete gave a throat-like voice: “You are so tender for me, dear!”. But when the sex doll breaks, everything looks like this It is a crisis. The athlete penetrated and eagerly said, “I’m just waiting for you! “Then all the barriers of control will disappear. Stay with Margo.

The protagonist is a bodybuilder, but it is not the muscle group that made him famous, but his unique wedding. Last year, the man from Kazakhstan married a sex doll. But now dark clouds hang over the horizon of love. He deceived them and posted the photo on his Instagram account.

The athlete praised his sex doll: “Her soul is very tender.” Their encounter was bizarre and special. The athlete met his lifelong love, a sex doll named Margo, in a nightclub a year and a half ago. According to the Daily Star report, the bearded Kazakh claimed that another man saved her when he molested her.

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