We expect silicone shortage and silicone sex doll price increase

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This shortage will have a huge impact on the silicone sex doll industry.





We have a shortage of silicone. Silicone is an important component of the plastics industry as it is used as both a sealant and lubricant. which is why this blog post focuses on the potential impact on the luxury sex doll industry.

Demand for silicones has increased in recent months. Much of this increase in demand is due to the impending shortage of silicones. As far as we know at this time, this shortage of silicone will be very large and will lead to a sharp increase in prices. This trend is already underway, and some manufacturers are already raising prices as raw material costs increase significantly.

Silicone sex dolls are more expensive to produce and will soon be affected by price increases.

Some manufacturers currently have stockpiles that allow them to keep prices steady for the time being, but these stockpiles can only last so long before prices rise accordingly. The price of silicone manufactured in China is rising. Some Chinese manufacturers import silicone from the U.S. and will not be affected by this situation.

The price of silicone could soon quadruple. This is because most silicone is used for everyday items and therefore priority is given to bulk buyers, while sex doll manufacturers are at the back of the queue and face rising costs to source the materials they need.

We can only give you one piece of advice, but we strongly recommend that if you are considering buying a silicone doll, that you do so now so that you are not affected by the impending price increases.

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