Want to have a room with your girlfriend how to say, with what reasons and excuses

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Today’s society, men and women to go to a room has been a very normal thing la, as long as both sides agree, then you can go to a room together. Generally speaking, it is men who propose to open a room, but some men do not know how to speak, the next will teach you a few ways.


Enjoy the world of two people: When the feelings of both men and women reach a certain level, you can pretend to sigh, and then say: good to enjoy the world of two people with you. The next look at your girlfriend’s reaction, if she asked you when, then you must seize the opportunity to say; at this moment want to spend time with you two people.

Find a quiet place: While talking with your girlfriend, you can look at her with both eyes and say to her: I really want to go to a quiet place, a place where it’s just you and me. Finally see what your girlfriend’s reaction is.

Straightforward: In the premise that you and your girlfriend’s feelings are very deep, when you chat with your girlfriend, you can ask her directly: What what what we can share a bed together?

The way: when you two go out shopping, if you pass a hotel or hotel, you can tease your girlfriend, directly ask her what you think of this hotel? Do you want to go in and experience it.

Test: In the usual get together, or dating, you can arrange the date location in the hotel, and then give your girlfriend to say, and test to ask if she will go?

Deliberate arrangement: If you both have the same small holiday, then you can deliberately arrange a trip, and then ask your girlfriend if she would like to go out with you alone?

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