Visit to a Japanese adult sex doll factory

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Not so long ago, the British television station BBC sent journalist James Young to Japan to report on the famous doll factory for adults.

The owner of this factory is Mr. Okawa. At that time, Okawa and his interpreter introduced BBC reporter James Young to the production process of Japanese adult dolls in their factory.

The process of making sex dolls is complex

The process of making dolls for adults is indeed quite complex. To get the most “realistic” doll body, they need to study the structure of the individual parts of the female body.

Journalists cry

James Young listened attentively to the presentation and explanations of the Japanese translator, but after a short tour of……. he couldn’t help but cry!

It turns out that the doll models in the factory look very young and very reminiscent of many sad pedophiles, which is why James Young shed tears again and again.

No miniature sex doll

Mr. Okawa was completely overwhelmed by James Young’s tears. However, Mr. Okawa replied quickly. He emphasized that “these adult sex dolls are not provided with an age indication and it is left to the imagination of the user”.

In addition, Mr. Okawa stressed that making adult dolls in lollipop size is not illegal in Japan. However, some adult Loli dolls resent this, which is why they are currently only sold in Japan and not exported.

The journalist and his sex doll

As a result, there were many discussions among Internet users. One faction believes that the factory saves on materials and that the adult models are much more expensive than the children’s models. Another school of thought believed that this type of simulated toy would reduce the danger of pedophilia to the real world.

One user joked that James Young cried because he found his true love here. In the case of this photo, there is actually a pair.

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