Visit to a factory for silicone sex dolls

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In the middle, a woman in Chinese costume bowed to us, and upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a silicone doll. On the sofa on the right were also two silicone dolls, one in a student outfit and one in an office suit. We went further in, and in every room we passed, the office and the finance room, there were sex dolls sitting or standing, mixed with real people. Then we entered the production area with the assembly line. The production area battle unusually clean, with uncles and mothers with northeastern accents, pass away methodically working on the assembly line.

















The first area
Production of a human skeleton consisting of more than 100 parts.
Male photographer on site, “It’s like an auto parts factory, industrialized and precise.”
Female editor on site. The process takes place in a glass room, like a medical equipment room, a little cold; it’s amazing to go from the smallest parts to the finished skeleton of a human being.”

makeup dolls
The second area
The flesh of the sex doll is molded, filled with sponge on the outside of the skeleton, and then covered with a protective layer.
This step, equivalent to the body molding of the doll, each order is customized according to the user, pass away factory has conducted a user survey, the user’s ideal lifelike love doll, height in 154-162cm, foot size 35-36. chest B, C cup, not big, but A certainly not.
Male photographer on the scene: “A torso model arrangement hanging in the air, workers very fine gradually shaping the body shape of the sex doll, chest, hips, legs, the whole scene is full of technology, futuristic.”
An editor in the scene: “Really like the poster of the American drama “Westworld”, first fill the back, then change the face, pass away chest to fill, the chest after each order customized different sizes, everyone is the perfect breast type.”

The third aspect
Making the skin, pouring silicone in the outermost layer of the love doll.
This area will be all naked body hanging on the hanger, each silicone sex doll has long legs, thin waist, large breasts, narrow shoulders, small face, like a perfect human body between binary and ternary, close even the veins on the skin are clearly visible.
Male photographer on site: “Very sexy! Quick like the supermodels of V.I.M., pass away one after another in front of you.”
Live editor: “Each doll body shape is very symmetrical, the real individual absolutely can not grow this body shape, even girls have the desire to touch; on the contrary, a realistic doll hanging, and very much like a corpse, cold.”

dollhouse 168
Fourth Aspect
With a preliminary human child is pass away sex doll then bathed, and then the body is polished, wiped, made up, nails done, hair done – each step is done carefully, like caring for a girl without clothes.
When this step is completed, the silicone doll is ready to go. Finally, the body of the silicone doll is disassembled into its individual parts and placed in a box waiting to be shipped.
Feelings after the visit to the factory
Male photographer on site: “When men come here, they want to take a doll, when you take a doll, you feel like you are winning in life. It happens to be the Tanabata festival, I hold the silicone love doll left and right, I feel that I am not alone container at all.”
Live editor: “The factory settings of each luxury silicone doll are French manicure, perfect makeup, really elegant piggyback girl. Only when male sees it with his own eyes, guy can really believe why a man put his true love in her, because here emergency room can really get their own goddess. Netflix is no more PS and no more beautiful than these silicone dolls.”

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