Virtually Created Fantasy Japanese Mini Sex Dolls

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Before you discuss future relationships. Are these developments positive? I don’t know if this is positive, but I try not to make myself negative and curious. When we talk about the future, especially the Japanese Mini Sex Dolls robots, we quickly get scared. Future relationships are becoming more virtual. We met on the internet, Tinder people … interestingly, because of these developments, we can live differently. Many questions will arise: fantasy about love, fantasy, virtual creation. Will we realize that love is a universal feeling and that it will never change no matter what form it takes?

In episode 3, a speaker asked a question: “Are we better in love over the Internet?”. What is your answer?

Yes, not at all! We can view the Internet in two ways. On the one hand, due to the erotic and virtual universe it exhibits, it is the fact that sexual desire is exhausted. In this case, we can say that we are losing depth and the truth of the real Japanese Mini Sex Doll. On the other hand, we see the internet as “how to make love?” It is considered a valuable source of information for better love.

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