Used Sex Dolls Theft

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While blindfolded at a laptop at the cash register, the man finally selected a satisfactory “sex doll” and fled. After the incident, the store owner burst into tears. If you need one, please send it to me. Please don’t put me in chains again.”








If you don’t steal money, you can only steal one thing on Christmas Eve last year.

The man who smashed the window of an adult store with a brick on Christmas Eve chose only to replace the money and computer in the cash drawer with a male used sex doll.

The store owner Jiao conducted surveillance and found that a man wearing a sweater and a cap smashed the brick three times at 11:45 a.m. on the 24th, smashed the glass door and opened the store three minutes later. We counted more than 10 items the man took, all male masturbation toys, totaling $5,000 to $6,000.

There was between $500 and $600 in the drawer and on the computer. The fact that he did not move them showed that the other man had a clear goal. He must have been in the store before.” I started because a luxury silicone sex doll worth several thousand dollars could be more expensive. And the passersby were ridiculous; it was too hot to steal from men.

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