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Sex dolls meet some special requirements (not sexual requirements) Take your time and listen to me. Occasionally you read stories in the news like “vacuum cleaner finds body in trash can, calls police and it turns out to be a plastic doll.” “The functional star is actually physical. She looks like a typical doll. A wax figure cabinet”. Indonesian fisherman slaps inflatable doll and calls it “God in Paradise”. As new age teenagers, we used to think we deserved the “stinky” news, so we would sneak around and bounce our hands on the keyboard. When it’s late at night and no one is typing in the search box, the following words are defeated: The human life cycle and cognitive zone are quite limited. It just so happens that we accidentally created a cognitive zone, and if you go outside, you will find a lot of problems in the world. The parallel worlds involved, the colorful “circles,” are not small.













The demand for real dolls is probably much greater than we think, and they and their fans are not as “one-dimensional” as we might think. Sex dolls were first created in German concentration camps during World War II, but according to commercial sources, the real consumer product was created in Japan. 1970s body dolls were created in Japan (a really frugal design). 1990s seamless body dolls. 2000s “pocket jewelry” series. Due to high production costs, the price reached 560,000 yen or 30,000 RMB (this was in 2001, a price that would get you a bedroom in Beijing’s second ring road). Nowadays, innovations allow her to choose different body parts for herself, such as moving word expressions (of course, the price is quite high, but the price is much lower than the price. The price of the actual doll set. Around $50,000).

silicone rubber doll
As dolls evolved, they became quite expensive, far more expensive than most consumer goods of the time. In 2000, the average Japanese household income was $18,000 per year (data from CEICDATA), at an exchange rate of about 107, the contract was 192W yen, or 56W, almost three-thirds of the annual income. . The cost of buying a doll cannot be measured in terms of everyday consumer goods. A sex doll that looks like a toy that releases hormones is a very important step in the buyer’s decision.

So what do people really buy for sex dolls to satisfy their needs? Whether it’s the high price of a physical doll or the perception of fans, sex dolls should understand that I don’t think of them as “sex” dolls. In search of a more realistic appearance and perfect body structure, a solid doll is made of a large amount of solid silicone and a metal skeleton inside. It usually weighs 20-40KG and sounds only 80lbs, but if you are a real person, it should be very light. However, as an unpowered doll, it is impressively heavy and difficult to move and swing. It is therefore impossible (as long as Newton counts) to make a physical doll an elegant and versatile “breathing machine”.

But in spirit it never opposes or resists your requests. For example, if you want to play a quiet video game and she sits down next to you without saying a word, or if you want someone who is unhappy but can’t complain, she is the absolute best. If you want to meet a good listener, like a woman in a plain black dress, smiling and waiting for you to change; yes, you like her and really need her. It breaks the “cycle” of loneliness, satisfies the desire to control, satisfies the desire to collect and asks for confessions. The search for quotas is dysfunctional. But its existence is a comfort to the hearts of many people.

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