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can communicate and hide. However, they are still relatively hidden elements. Consider memory issues first, coexist with others and consider how to communicate and hide. You do not want to be involved in the blind date (most groups have skipped partners, skip solo, etc.). You can play your baby with confidence! In addition to the privacy of love dolls pack, a sofa can be used to store the real doll as shown below. The weight is about 25-38 kg. A simple artifact! Let’s take a look at the party. If you want to shoot, you need to change and dress, but you don’t want everyone to know because of communication and face problems. The following are examples of some common strategies. Of course, the main communication role can be used as a reference. If you are tired, you can rent a room directly!


















Silicone Dolls

1: I am recently fascinated by art. I don’t want a model, I don’t want to go to town to write! 2: The latest SLR cameras that are passionate about photography are too expensive. To avoid defeating your family, use a mannequin first to see if you can do the job! Then buy an SLR camera! (The eyes must be strong! You are the future! 3: The ratio of men and women in my generation is very bad. The old man has already hung up. Now we can say that men are on the way to dating. As a patriotic youth, building socialism is safer. I decided to resolutely participate in the silicone doll business, so I have to buy one to return and not learn!

Skeleton selection, most manufacturers offer skeleton selection. You need to know that there are many types of real sex dolls. TPE and other optional breast filler in solid and hollow, hollow hand definitely better, but generally it is a small breast type, we recommend that your selection is solid.Continuous selection: The normal version is as low as the human body. But you can not stand it and it takes less time to cause more damage. Therefore, the normal version of the party is not recommended! Because it reduces many forms! In addition to sitting, the base doll is lying or kneeling. It is necessary to specifically explain the standing version. First, using TPE sex dolls as an example, there are three supporting nails and exposed nails.

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