Understand and choose the sex dolls vaginal options correctly

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There are two options for the vagina option: “fixed” or “inserted”. The fixed vagina is a built-in vagina that is permanently molded into the doll’s body.The inserted vagina option looks similar, but the inner opening is slightly wider to allow for the insertion of a removable “sleeve” to facilitate the cleaning process.
These are the pros and cons of both options to help you decide.

Fixed vagina (permanent)
The fixed vagina is more aesthetic.
The touch is more real. (The internal “chamber” is the same for both).
If you do not “set it up” completely, it is easier to use.
You can control the tightness of the vagina by opening your legs.
You can put the doll on a container or bucket to clean it.
You can use the shower hose to clean the doll’s shower.

If your doll is large, heavy or not standing, cleaning up the doll can be problematic. If you want to resell the doll, it will be less attractive to buyers.

Vaginal insert (removable)
You can remove the plug from the doll to make cleaning easier.
The vaginal cavity is suitable for use with a penis adapter.
You can prepare the second insert while the other is dry.
You can buy separate vaginas in different sizes.
You can replace the insert.
It looks the same as the fixed vagina on the outside.

The insert requires a powder insert.
Insertion during lubrication can be annoying.
The interior feels unrealistic.
There may be other sports.

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