Two voices around sex dolls – some like it, some hate it

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Saturday afternoon in the sex doll brothel. This man is in his forties, wears a leather motorbike suit and holds Elena in his arms – as if he were the groom and wants to lift her to the threshold. Elena wears red patent boots that reach her knees, her hair is red and it costs 80 euros an hour. “Does it say that condoms are obligatory on your homepage?”, the man asked. Evelyn Schwartz nodded. She runs a brothel called “【】” in the backyard.





































“Can I have her undressed afterwards?” the man asked hesitantly. Evelyn Schwarz (Evelyn Schwarz) confirmed this as well. Because Elena is not a prostitute, but a silicone sex doll: height 1.58 metres, weight 26 kg. Schwarz has 16 different sex dolls in her flat as well as real prostitutes made of flesh and blood. For her, an hour costs 150 euros.

“【】” is not the only place in Germany where you can order sex dolls. When searching on the sex doll website on Google, there are a large number of formal professional websites. You can buy sex dolls in all major cities between Hamburg and Munich and then take them home. Last summer, a sex doll was even stolen from the Rosenheim brothel.
With just a few clicks, you can find several other sex doll brothels on the internet between Barcelona and Helsinki, and Japan and South Korea are real sex doll prostitutes. The sex doll industry is growing and at the same time criticism is growing: Kay **, Professor of Ethics and Robotics at the University of Leicester in the UK, has launched a campaign against sex robots organised and victimised by dozens of women Signed by the organisation.

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