Try positions with love doll and woman

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If you can arrange yourself and the love doll this way, the back end of everyone is in the right view. The man enters the Real 170cm sex doll in New York from behind, and the thigh is hung back and over the hips. Then the woman will lie on her back so that the silicone dolls vagina is in kissing distance from her mouth. It gives the man the opportunity to watch each other and enjoy a classic time.

The fourth position in the best kind of sandwich:It is the position sversion of the perfect jeans, which is simple but versatile. Here the female has to lie on the real doll and penetrate her with a strap and put a vibrating toy between them or just go analog and rub their fingers together if needed. It’s time for the man to kneel between his woman’s legs and take a hole to enter. You can use this position as a template and exchange the male with the female and put the guy right in the middle if you are into anal penetration. Here you can make the man work orally on the woman, or in any way you want this situation to occur.






Next is the sideliner: if this is the first time the woman is enjoying the Kamasutra threesome position, she can simply start a scene that allows you to observe the situation before jumping right in. Doggy will always be great if the woman is quite shy, because it’s easier to hide behind the mane and watch it. In this regard, the man and the silicone doll start the intercourse while the woman watches him from behind. She can use a toy or a hand. She can even reach for the silicone doll to spend some time with it while the husband works on the sexual position of the dog.These are five of the main threesome kamasutra positions that you can try with your partner and the love dolls in Houston that you have recently purchased. There are so many other positions that you can try now and enjoy the night in the best way.

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