Top 3 Male Sex Doll in 2022

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Top 3 Male Sex Doll in 2021


Sexy Muscular Alexander


It takes a lot of time and sweat to keep Alexander’s body ripped and muscular. He constantly lifts weights and exercises to make sure he’s toned and in the best condition, he can be in. Alexander’s weight training makes him hot and sweaty, but it also turns him on and ready to fuck. He was a skinny kid growing up, but once he got older and started lifting weights, he turned into a hard-bodied sexy stud. Alexander’s body is chiseled, and his abs are a perfect six-pack.


When he takes off his shirt in the gym, he touches his abs to feel how hard he’s made them. Anthony knows everyone wants his body, and he’ll go to bed with anyone who catches his eye. Alexander knows he has the looks and the body to be a sexy model, but it isn’t all he has going for him. Alexander’s cock is huge and thick. When he fucks a woman with it, he enjoys listening to their cries of pleasure as they ride the length of his massive shaft. Alexander enjoys putting his cock inside whatever hole comes at him, and he’s ready to please everyone with his hard cock and body.


Spartan Alexander is a Historical Stud

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Alexander stands tall as the leader of the historical Spartan army. His chiseled body is tanned and muscular from years of training and fighting wars. All the time he’s spent in battle has hardened his body and spirit. Alexander’s rugged good looks are a bonus to his sexy body. His body is ripped and ready to finish the battle and take his energy out in the bedroom. Alexander doesn’t care if you’re a male or female; he’s open to sex with anyone.


Alexander puts his shiled and sword down after a long day in battle, and he’s ready to get his cock out to satisfy his raging lust. He wants someone to surrender to him and take his shaft out from under his leather garments to stroke. You know his cock will fill your hole, and you yearn for him to empty himself inside you. Run your fingers up and down his hard body and even harder cock before giving in to your lustful feelings. Alexander is ready to give you the savage love of a warrior; can you take what he has to offer? Alexander brings warrior lusts from the past and wants to satisfy you with his cock.



Alexander is a rugged Hung Stud


Alexander was always in one place making things to make some money. Alexander wears the same clothes everywhere he goes. His outfit was ripped jeans and a work uniform from which he worked. Alexander is always looking for a woman, or a man, to spend his nights with as he passes through town. If the strong man finds the right person, he may decide to settle down.


He has short black hair and a stubbly beard that gives him a rugged look. When the mood hits him, he unbuttons his shirt and shows off his shapefied abs.Alexander is a hard feeling man in the picture, but attributes he can get the most attention with his big cock. Alexander is blessed with a giant rooster, which he likes to put into his lover’s hole. Alexander loves nothing more than to stick his dick into the bodies of his lovers and fill them with his love. Alexander is looking for a lover to settle down with; Could it be you?


Blue Long Hair Silicone Small Sex Doll Lillian 130cm

Doll size
·Height:4ft 2 / 130cm
·Weight:48Lbs / 21.8kg
·Upper bust * waist * hip:27.5in*23.2in*28.9in / 70cm*59cm*73.5cm
·Hand length:19.6in / 50cm
·Foot length:7.2in / 18.5cm
·Leg length:21.8in / 55.5
·Shoulder width:11.8in / 30cm
·Palm length:5.7in / 14.5cm


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