thrilled by men! Love dolls and silicone dolls are very popular

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1. love dolls is used by people who have no sexual or sexual behavior. Truth: Adult toys are available to everyone. Studies have shown that sexually active people use Lovedoll more often than people without sex. About 20-30% of people use disposable toys at least in their lifetime. Sex toys are not a straw or panacea, but a supplement to sex games.

2, Sex dolls become addictive. Truth: Addiction means a kind of harm. However, using adult love dolls will not harm you (provided they are used properly). Some people rely on Dutch woman to use them, but there is no need to kill. Anyone can easily return to sex with a sexual partner who does not use silicone dolls or Tpe sex dolls.






3, Men only use silicone dolls. Truth: When people think of men and silicone love doll, some people buy masturbation tools in their heart and then masturbate while watching AV in the basement. But the truth about male and adult love dolls is that millions of men use them, whether they are related or single.The best way for men to become better lovers is to understand their sexual responses. Whether you have a Dutch wife or not, masturbation is an important way to learn how to control your body. Using a real silicone doll does not mean that this man is a loser. He is actually very smart and does a good job in bed. He is interested in sex and pays more attention to his skills.

4, Some lifelike sex dolls are good, some are not good.

Truth: In addition to people who are more likely to be dangerous, adult toys can be good or bad. Life-like sex dolls is how we use it. The vibrator may be too strong for someone, but for others it may be perfect. The trick is to find an adult toy that suits you. Some people like most adult toys, and some people don’t like them.

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