Those Who Need Advice Before Buying A Mini Sex Doll May Spy

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I won’t be able to afford silicone dolls, but unfortunately it is small. I’m also looking for information on the (discrete) storage of the Mini Sex Doll, its maintenance, etc., but for its “use”, I don’t think I need to use the manual (precautions are good to take because it is obviously vulnerable). Compared to my expectations of dolls, I really don’t know, of course, the physical aspect.

My work takes me a lot of time, I have ample social life, but I don’t want to share my life with someone who will ask me time, time and more time. Basically, I like my lifestyle, freedom and independence. To be sure, I just want to have a Japanese Mini Sex Doll. Eventually saw another head that changed from time to time. All of this is fine and I don’t know if you are more advanced in giving me advice.

You know a male Mini Sex Doll may still consume more time than you think again and again! Personally, I sleep less than 2h to 3h before he arrived. But when I only sleep 2-3 hours a night and one night a week, I sleep better … well in the office, I’m a zombie, waiting to go home, the way I work now is me Even kill time here!

Otherwise, this is a doll, this is a woman, you must dress up, kiss, take a picture, kiss, undress, kiss, take a photo, kiss, honor, honor, kiss, take a photo and honor again, kiss, clean, kiss, talcum powder , Kissing, dressing, moving and kissing, taking pictures … it can take hours, if at night you don’t know what to do.

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