These sex dolls should also fulfill unrealized fantasies

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A and his business partner B founded the company “**” – they rent sex dolls. They don’t want to see their real names in the newspapers because the Berliners also run a real estate company and don’t want to confuse the area.

The sex doll business is growing. This was also criticized – at least because one company made realistic child dolls. But what kind of man is the man who likes dolls more than real women? Brothel visit.

A had the idea of a doll escort service when he went online in 2019. He said, “I came across a VR brothel.” An online game where you can create your own character and simulate sex. He also met the German sales agent “【】”. “The manufacturer actually had a real brothel, but at some point bought a sex doll – suddenly booked only this doll.”

These young people did research, bought three dolls from a professional company and started their business. B said, “The doll is made of TPE. TPE is a special silicone that can absorb and release the heat of the human body quickly. The metal frame in the doll can also be placed in any posture.” Customers can order online and they would like Choose your body shape, clothes and hair color for the doll you want. The current models Sarah, Valerie and Alena are about 1.60 meters tall and weigh between 28 and 49 kg.

OUDoll is a high-quality supplier specializing in making mini sex dolls.