These luxury sex dolls feel like real people

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Silicone dolls offer a more realistic feeling and a better sexual experience.
The massive silicone dolls with heads are designed for singles and lonely people, offering a more realistic and better experience of sex and companionship.




The goals of the Love brand are not limited to this. The artificial intelligence wave has just begun, and Lin Chaoqing is leading a technical team that plans to equip real dolls with artificial intelligence (love intelligent chips). For now, Waxhead Silicon Head is the “first crab they eat” for SY companions. The company will gradually move into elder care and home intelligence. “Backed by our excellent manufacturing base in Guangdong, we plan to explore the various possibilities of simulating humanoid application scenarios.”

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After pouring the body model, which weighs several dozen kilograms, from the mold, she lifts it onto the workbench, uses scissors to cut out the mold lines that bulge out from the sides of the body, and then irons out each spot with a soldering iron. Hello, then she takes the “body” to the cleaning area, washes it with shower gel, dries it, applies talcum powder and takes it to the semi-finished area. The entire process took four years and was very time consuming. Only an experienced and limber worker could add “up to half at a time” in the morning.

A factory worker applies foundation, blush and eye shadow before modeling the head, and her job is to apply the appropriate makeup to the model’s face. On a spherical gel that cannot distinguish facial features, Wu Yongmei fills eye holes with absorbent cotton and plastic eyes, applies false eyelashes and paints eyebrows with a brush. It takes between 40 minutes and an hour to do the head makeup. We wipe, make up, do nails and hair.

A closer look reveals that the surfaces of these simulated love dolls are made of sandpaper to simulate skin texture. These are exquisite, high quality love dolls with a visual feeling of softness and elasticity, similar to real skin.

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