Mini Sex Doll + These four kinds of sexual deviant diseases, only men can get

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1. Fetish

Fetishism is a psychosexual disorder through the collection and use of objects used by the opposite sex as a source of sexual stimulation. It often begins in adolescence and is a male psychosexual disorder.

Some men buy plain underwear, who invented blow up dolls panties, stockings and other feminine products online, which is actually a fetish.

To make matters worse, some fetish patients will steal other people’s underwear drying outside, causing great psychological panic for women. In fact, there is a fetish patient, he is only interested in women’s underwear, but not who created the sex doll in women’s bodies. So don’t be too nervous if you accidentally encounter someone with a fetish stealing underwear. It’s a long way from sexual assault.

There are definite diagnostic criteria for fetishes: 1. Women should not be particularly afraid of fetishes because they are not interested in your body, they are only interested in the clothes themselves. 2. The object of a fetish is lingerie, robot sex doll but not sexual equipment, so it’s not unusual for men to buy airplane cups and blow-up dolls.

2. Transvestite

Transvestism is a psychological disorder caused by the wearing of women’s clothing and is a special form of fetishism.

Transvestite has two main points: one is to wear women’s clothes; The purpose of dressing is for sexual excitement, so you can’t call a man a transvestite if he’s wearing women’s clothes.

Transvestism also generally begins in the teenage years, and may start with a small amount of the opposite sex’s underwear, but it gradually increases, diy sex doll first in secret, and later even in public. They wear women’s clothing mainly to induce sexual excitement, who made the sex doll and once they have had an orgasm, they feel a strong desire to remove their female clothing. Another characteristic of this sexual disorder is that if you don’t let him wear it, he gets upset, he gets agitated.

In 2009, has a volume of each big media event “chongqing red boy”, not what people, also is not what the paranormal, but only the 13-year-old adolescent boys have a transvestite, cousin he was dressed in red clothes, and women’s swimsuit swimming trunks, speculated that he in order to enhance sexual pleasure, also conducted suffocation, sex doll factory results out of the accident and died.

3. Exhibtionist

Exhibitionism is more common than either of the above, and has been shown in many movies and TV dramas.

Sufferers of inshamophilia enjoy sudden exposure of their genitals when women are unsuspecting, and get pleasure from the terrified reaction of women. Exhibiniophilia patients will generally choose a tpe sex doll strange environment to expose their genitalia, and before the exhibiniophilia will also have a sense of nervousness.

Their urge to expose is difficult to control, and when they hear a woman scream and panic, they are sexually stimulated and masturbate. Exhibitists expose their eyes in order to make women scream, panic, or fear. Without this, torso sex doll they would be very depressed and not sexually stimulated. At the same time, their genitals are not exposed for further sexual demands, and the girls don’t have to worry too much about leaving quickly.


Voyeurism itself is a kind of psychological sexual disease, but the social problems caused by the present are relatively serious, asian sex doll many have violated the law.

Voyeurism is a psychological disorder of sexual excitement caused by repeated peeping at nudity or sexual activity of the opposite sex. Patients often have the impulse to peep at other people’s privacy, using a variety of means to watch women undressing, bathing, defecation and sex with others, while watching will be accompanied by masturbation, in order to obtain sexual satisfaction.

Now there are many illegal websites in the sale of related candid video, indicating that there are now a number of voyeuristic men, after all, sex doll meme all video supply is demand pulled.

Voyeurism itself is a psychological problem of individuals, but due to the particularity of the hobby, it leads to serious social problems AI sex doll such as stealing photos. Many people secretly take photos under the skirt, and install cameras in hotel rooms, bathrooms and other private places.

Voyeurism has uncontrollable voyeuristic impulse, they must be voyeuristic in order to get sexual satisfaction, their purpose of voyeurism is also not to have sex with the object of being voyeuristic plush sex doll. Note, adult men watching porn are not voyeuristic.

These four types of psychosexual disorders are basically male-only, and these men are likely to perform poorly in real sex because their sexual stimulation comes not from women’s bodies, but from women’s clothes, women’s screaming, women’s peeping, and so on, and they are not that interested in women’s bodies.

In life, most men with sexual disorders are sensitive and self-abassive, and are not good at communication and social interaction. There was a documentary that ended with: Who would want to do drugs if they had a good life robot sex doll to live? The same goes for men with psychosexual disorders: if you have a good relationship, who wants to do all these weird things?

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