These conditions in semen are likely to affect fertility!

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An unknown netizen once asked for help on the Internet: “Check the semen routine, but the semen does not liquefy. Does this have any effect? Isn’t the semen sticky when it comes out? Why can it liquefy?”
Today we will talk about semen #sex doll torso.

What is semen?
Of course, these people are no strangers. Semen is a mixture of sperm produced by the testes and secreted by the prostate, seminal vesicles, and bulbar urethral glands. The quality of semen and fertility are closely related. At room temperature, normal semen can be completely liquefied within 60 minutes.

What is the non-liquefaction of semen #doll sex?
Under normal circumstances, the semen begins to liquefy into a water-like liquid after being left in the body for about 5-20 minutes. If it fails to liquefy for more than 60 minutes, it is called semen non-liquefaction.
I guess, there will be people wondering, “Why isn’t semen liquefied directly after ejaculation?” Think about it. If semen ejaculates into the vagina, #real size sexual dolls, if it is a watery liquid, then the semen will flow out of the vagina. In this case, the chance of conception will be greatly reduced.
But the semen just begins to solidify and then liquefies, everything will become wonderful.
After the semen is ejected, it will solidify in a short time, which will prevent semen from flowing out of the vagina and facilitate the semen to enter the uterus. After the semen enters the uterus, the semen liquefies and turns into a water-like liquid, and the sperm will get rid of the restraint and swim freely #masturbator.
At this time, if the semen is still viscous like yogurt, the sperm will not swim, so that the sperm cannot get rid of the fetters, cannot run to the fallopian tube, meet and combine with the egg, in this way, the chance of conception will be greatly reduced #sexy toys.
People may still wonder, semen can survive for more than a few hours, can it be liquefied within a few hours? Why must it be liquefied within an hour?
If the semen does not liquefy after an hour, the swimming speed of the sperm will slow down, the vitality will also decrease, and if it cannot enter the fallopian tube, the chance of conception will be reduced.

Semen liquefaction abnormalities include three types: no liquefaction, delayed liquefaction, and incomplete liquefaction.

·No liquefaction at all
The semen specimen is still in the state of just ejected (thick, gel mass) after 60 minutes, which is rare in clinical practice.

·Liquefaction delay
The semen sample does not liquefy at 30 minutes and liquefies at 60 minutes, #doll inflatable which is called liquefaction delay.

·Incomplete liquefaction
The semen specimen was partially liquefied at 60 minutes, and partially not liquefied.

Reasons why semen does not liquefy
1. Congenital factors
Congenital dysplasia of the prostate #Male masturbator, unable to secrete enough fibrinolytic enzyme, can cause semen not to liquefy.

2. Inflammation of the male reproductive system
Like seminal vesicles and prostration, the coagulant secreted by the seminal vesicles is increased, or the fibrillation enzyme secreted #adult silicone doll by the prostate is insufficient, the inflammatory reaction will increase the pH value.

When the pH value of semen exceeds 8.8, semen liquefaction will also be affected. Inflammation and infection will release active oxygen, causing many important enzymes related to sperm movement in the reproductive system to be inhibited, inactivated and active parts destroyed, resulting in abnormal semen liquefaction and Sperm quality has declined.

3. Endocrine disorders
The reduction of testosterone levels caused by various reasons will affect the normal secretion function of the prostate so that the secretion of liquefaction factors is reduced and semen is not liquefied.
In addition, the lack of trace elements zinc and magnesium can affect the function of the pituitary gland, reduce the synthesis and #sex girls and boys secretion of gonadotropins, impair sperm production, and abnormal semen liquefaction. Unhealthy lifestyles such as irregular diet, long-term staying up late and lack of exercise may also cause the body Hormonal disorders.

How to treat?
The first thing to do is to review the semen, rule out the congenital causes, and use medication under the guidance of a doctor.
For example, the cause of prostration can be treated with drugs #TPE sex doll for prostration.
If it is caused by lifestyle habits, then develop a good lifestyle.
If there is a lack of trace elements, they can be supplemented appropriately.

When you have an abnormal condition in your body, you must not delay it for too long. You should go to the hospital for help in time. Observing for too long is likely to delay the condition and miss the best treatment time.

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