There is a child sex doll that looks like Kat available for purchase on Amazon.

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There’s a child sex doll that looks like Kat for sale on Amazon.



















The mother, who only wants to be called Terri, was horrified when she saw a photo last month that resembled an advertisement for a child sex doll of her eight-year-old daughter, Kat.
“I saw it and started crying uncontrollably. “The mother was horrified after her 8-year-old daughter’s picture was stolen and turned into a child sex doll to be sold on Amazon for $559, while Elizabeth Smart called for a ban on the sick toy.
“I read a friend’s message and saw the picture, and I immediately started crying uncontrollably,” Terry told the Children’s Rescue League, a Boca Raton organization dedicated to fighting child sexual abuse and predators.

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She added: “I can’t imagine a patient using a picture of my daughter to create something so ugly and evil for pedophiles to abuse.”
The doll was removed from Amazon and is listed on the website as a “male high quality sexy doll live doll.”
The item also had many disturbing customer reviews, including one posted in May that said, “These historical items are great.”
Terri said she was “shocked” that such a product was being sold on the website of the nonprofit the family uses to help her daughter.
Kat, who has CVID (common variable immunodeficiency), is a child model and beauty pageant contestant, her mother said.
She said she posted photos of the little girl in a Facebook group about Kat’s illness, community projects and her work as a model.
Terri believes the sex doll was modeled after a photo she shared in the group of Kat, which shows her sitting on a couch with her legs crossed over her stuffed animal.
The doll in the ad is not only dressed similarly to her daughter’s hair, but also in the same pose.
“This photo is the same as my daughter’s socks and the same pose as my daughter at home on the couch. She has the same sweatshirt and the same facial features as in the picture, and even the same stuffed animal!” said Terry.
She added that it was shocking to me that Amazon was selling inappropriate mini sex dolls on its website. “I wondered how something like that could even be legal in the U.S.,” she said.
“All sellers must adhere to our selling policies, and those who do not will face action up to and including possible deletion of their account. The product has been removed,” Amazon said in a statement.
Terri has since teamed up with the Children’s Rescue Coalition, which is lobbying for a federal law banning the sale of child sex dolls.
While the doll is no longer for sale on Amazon, Terri said she has found it on several other websites, including some nude ones, and videos of people explaining how to use it.
“Sometimes I can’t sleep because I can’t think of anything but the men who had sex with these dolls, and I can’t get them back. I just want to burn them,” she told the news station.
“They should be charged as sex offenders. They should be fined. These sites need to be shut down.”
With the exception of Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky, child sex dolls are currently legal in the United States, but should be banned outright, according to advocates.
“I want a new federal law that would classify these buyers as sex offenders. I want the manufacturers of these dolls banned from sale in the United States and fined,” Terry said.
The CRC has launched an online petition calling for a ban on the sale of child sex dolls.

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