There Are A Lot Of Pretty Hips In Mini Sex Dolls

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I refer to a place that is suitable for you, healthy, shapely, bouncing, not “muscle” in the male sense. There are a lot of beautiful hips in the Mini Sex Doll, and they are wide, but when you look closer at them as they wear a belt on the photo, you quickly realize that they are actually flat (light stripes). And it has nothing to do with the luxury dolls on the low coast.

Sorry to use such heroic image, but I really don’t see how to make myself understand better. It’s close to what I’m looking for, with more curves, it will be heaven. But you must not be too difficult, what I have expressed is the ideal I have. Anyway, thanks. If you have other suggestions for this order, please pay attention.

Very beautiful photos! Based on the information you just provided on the Ideal Doll, I suggest you look for something else beyond WM or DS. First, do you have a budget to consider buying doll (silicone) at an average price of 4,000 EU? If you have to rely on TPE, check out the DOLL 155 cm series. I can assure you, because I am alone, they have good buttocks, deep and deep stripes, well-formed thighs and calves, and very good touch.

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