The world’s first robotic sex dolls

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Abyss Creations is a mysterious organization in the United States. It is located in a nondescript building north of San Diego. It is the largest erotic toy manufacturing facility in the United States, specializing in high-end custom creations.

Abyss Creations dolls are all handmade. Each doll takes over 80 hours to make, and 300-400 pieces can be produced per year. Its founder, Matt McMullen, was also the first in the world to develop a silicone doll that perfectly conforms to human anatomy, has a full skeletal structure, and can be used in a variety of forms; the company has been selling sexy dolls since 1997. It reached $3,500.

More recently, Abyss Creations has been making robotic sex dolls. Of course, the price is not cheap: from 10,000 US dollars! These sex robots can be considered part of the robot revolution: the integration of artificial intelligence into robots that are very similar to the human body.

With the help of artificial intelligence, they all have a permanent memory and a strong ability to learn and imitate, which allows them to analyze the number of …… their owners, their mistakes and the user’s daily habits and provide a more accurate service; the user can also update the robot via an app. They are also equipped with an intelligent voice system that can react to the performance of the respective user. Unlike cold-blooded robots, these sex robots have heaters in their bodies to simulate real human temperatures. They also have very flexible limbs, very similar to humans, and each joint is free to bend to suit your needs in different positions.

A lot of attention has been paid to the details, even the nails and eyelashes are very realistic. As usual, these sex droids can be outfitted with anything and everything they want. After all, founder Matt McMullen was a female sculptor before selling dolls, and women are revered for their understanding of the female body. If men are your thing, don’t worry, Abyss Creations thought of that too, but only a few.

Indeed, real sex doll are controversial. Founder Matt McMullen stated that he wanted sex robot users to be satisfied not just physically but psychologically as well. However, there have also been campaigns against sex robots, arguing that interacting with sex robots only adds to people’s confusion in real social life.

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