The ultimate guide to sex doll customization

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Many buyers want to make their own perfect dolls to meet their expectations. However, they know very little about sex doll customization.

Now I will demonstrate in detail how to customize your sex dolls.

What is sex doll customization?

Generally speaking, sex doll customization can be divided into two categories.

Basic Customization














Basic customization is the choice of additional options offered by the doll manufacturer, which brings the doll closer to the buyer’s expectations. Basic customization may have its limitations. First, you can only choose the customization options offered by the manufacturer. For example, many doll manufacturers do not offer the option of doll height. Second, there are only a few options to choose from. You may not like the style they offer.

Full Sex Doll Customization

As the name says, you will have a unique doll that belongs only to you. The doll factory will make the model for you. The doll will be customized from head to toe to meet your requirements.

Basic customization guide

Skin color

Skin tone is a major factor in controlling the appearance of a sex doll. Generally, the manufacturer will offer 4 to 5 choices, such as white, natural, brown and black. Therefore, please choose a skin tone based on your aesthetic. For example, a black-skinned Asian sex doll will look abnormal.


Head customization usually includes face shape, eye color, hair and makeup.

2.1 Face

Most manufacturers offer facial options such as cute faces, mature faces, teenage faces, etc. Each facial type will add style to your doll.

2.2 Eye Color

Options are usually brown, blue and black. Some manufacturers may offer some special colors such as white and red. If you want a scary doll, you can choose a vampire doll and customize it to have white eyes. I bet you will be scared!

2.3 Hairstyle

Hairstyle is the main factor that makes the doll look good. Long hair always makes the doll mature and charming. Short hair makes the doll young and lively. There are also curly hair, blonde hair and red hair.

2.4 Makeup

Some sex doll manufacturers offer makeup options. For example, spray makeup (like painting a car with porcelain paint first), this makeup is delicate and will last a long time. The downside is that you can’t modify the makeup yourself. There is also a regular makeup option. If you are a makeup expert, you can choose this option and you can modify the markings the way you want.


In general, body customization includes lower body, additional features, bone structure, chest type and height.

3.1 Lower body

Almost all manufacturers offer fixed vaginal or vaginal inserts. Fixed vaginas are difficult to clean after each use. However, vaginal inserts are easy to clean. Both vaginal types will give you the same feeling.

Now let’s talk about pubic hair implants. Just like hair choices, you can choose your favorite pubic hairstyle. This is a good choice for some clients who think public hairstyles are important. The only problem is that there are not as many public hairstyles as there are haircuts.

The last item is the color of the labia. It does not conflict with skin tone. Generally, manufacturers offer colors for the same skin tone such as pink, brown and black. Depending on customer feedback, different labia colors can bring different feelings. For example, black means wild and pink means attractive!

3.2 Additional body features

Standing features.

Three pegs are installed on each doll’s feet to allow the doll to stand. By adding a standing feature, the doll can stand independently without external support. The standing feature is a must buy for many buyers.

Moaning system.

When you have sex with a sex doll, she will make different moans depending on your intensity. Some sex dolls even have built-in intelligent voice systems, such as Siri and Alexa. dolls can answer your questions and chat with you.

Heating systems.

There are two types of heating systems: built-in heating systems and heating rods. For the built-in heating system, the doll is heated by connecting to the power supply like an electric blanket. The voltage is different in different countries, such as 120V in the U.S. and 220V in China. therefore, the voltage of the doll heating system will be modified according to the customer’s country/region. The heating rod is designed to be inserted into the doll’s vagina so that you will feel warm when you have sex with the doll. Of the two options, the built-in heating system is better than the heating rod, it will give your doll a real “body heat”!

3.3 Skeleton

Joints. Articulated joints are the default option, where the two bones are connected by a single screw.

Gear joints. As the body’s joints, gear joints are more flexible. A doll equipped with a gear joint can shrug and squat. It also solves the problem of tearing of the doll’s skin.

Special adjustment. The skeleton of the sex doll can be modified according to the specific requirements of the customer. For example, the knees can be bent back and forth and the arms can be rotated 360 degrees. However, few manufacturers offer this option due to the complexity and high cost of the design.

3.4 Breast Type

There are many details to consider for breast customization, such as large breasts, small breasts, large breasts, flat breasts, hollow breasts, solid breasts and nipple color.

Next, I will give you the details.

Large breasts, small breasts, large breasts and flat breasts are optional. Choose the type of breast you like. Bigger ones feel better when you shake them, smaller ones are more attractive.

Choose from hollow and solid breasts. Hollow breasts are softer; however, firm breasts feel better when rocked.

Nipple color. Most manufacturers offer the same colors as skin, such as pink, light brown and dark brown. Of course, you can request a different color, such as red, black, or purple. I’m sure this particular color will make your sex doll unique!

3.5 Height

Many manufacturers do not have a choice in the height. But many customers have such requests. For example, one of customers wanted to increase the height of the doll from 160 cm to 170 cm and keep everything else the same.

In addition, different heights mean different weights. This may be beneficial to different buyers who have requirements for weight and flexibility.

Full Customization Guide

For buyers who want full customization of their dolls, all they need to do is provide a lot of detailed information. Your doll will be customized to your exact requirements. Don’t just provide the dimensions of the doll and expect a perfect doll.

Instant email or phone communication. Effective communication can help the seller better understand your intentions and help the staff make your doll accurately.

After the doll is made, the seller will send you pictures and videos of the doll to confirm if any details need to be changed. After your confirmation, the doll will be packaged and delivered.

The whole process takes about 30 to 40 days.


The above is the ultimate guide to sex doll customization. If you have any other questions, please leave a comment!

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