The thing between men and women

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Things between men and women is always the front page of the gossip news, the explosive news is often between men and women that thing, for things between men and women whenever we always talk about it, whether it is in the office or the site where!


The most simple emotion between men and women than friendship, which is a kind of emotion between love and affection, have a friendship is rare, so life, confidant always only so one or two! Cherish it, friendship!

The most touching emotion between men and women, brain science research found that romantic love is a biological program. Behaviors related to love are dominated by evolutionary forces, acting through hormones, all crazy behaviors just to pass on genes to future generations. Love makes men and women become in tune with each other, become able to give up everything for each other, have love, you have everything!

One-night stand
One-night stand as a very fashionable behavior is increasingly accepted by more and more men and women, this emotion is purely hormonal role, each other is limited to the lower half of the communication, after the end, still each other strangers, do not interfere with each other, so, one-night stand, a night of dewy couples, a lifetime of strangers!

Extra-marital affairs
Extramarital affairs between men and women are generally established in the family of emotional discord, each other in pursuit of a psychological comfort to each other, but also to find a more suitable for their other half of a way!

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