The social impact of sex dolls

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As more and more people use Sex Doll… In some areas, we may not have the overpopulation problem. Why keep having children just because a lot of people don’t believe in themselves? They should have one or more children in need and then a silicone sex doll for their casual sex! As population decreases, so will hunger and depletion of Earth’s resources. The result is that everyone can live a better life and enjoy more. The key to all of these problems and more is our bed! Sex dolls can be called the greatest invention of all time and they can definitely save mankind! So let’s try to change the collective attitude of our civilization, increase the number of new and better dolls and distribute them to as many people as necessary or necessary.







Prisoners and other prisoners…some prisoners may restrict their mini sex doll activities. A lot of tension can be relieved here. The cost of a good doll is much lower than the cost of containing rape or riots.
Married men are increasingly buying sex dolls. These men often travel for work and refuse to deceive their spouses or whores. Sex dolls play an important role in saving marriage and health – even life itself – especially in times of STDs!
Young people whose testosterone is almost out of control often buy love dolls so as not to jump into the first woman they meet at orgasm. For men who have recently divorced or separated, they want to remain single or at least faithful until they find another partner as well.
Molesters and other sex offenders…because it’s the sex offense that brought these people into their status quo…even if they try to cut off their sexuality, there’s no value. That impulse is still there and they will offend again. This is a place where better sex dolls can come in handy. Instead of resorting to human sacrifices, it is better to use sex dolls to get the job done. In some cases, of course, it is necessary to make sex dolls similar to children or young women. It may seem offensive at first glance, but it is preferable to many pointless problems!

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