The rise of sex dolls

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Human dolls in brothels are more popular than real women.
According to reports, after becoming more popular than real women working in a sex doll brothel in Vienna, singles spent at least $10,000 on silicone sex dolls. There is no doubt that sex dolls are on the rise and here to stay.

How do the most popular sex workers in brothels charge? It is not cheap at $118 per hour, which is more expensive than some real women working in the same brothel. Dolls are usually booked several days in a row and can only be booked in advance. She was described as young, sexy and blonde with a slim body.

It seems that the popularity of sex dolls has spread throughout the country. There are more and more brothels around the world, and now they have adapted to the choice of sex dolls, but more and more men are buying their own things to have their own dolls at home.

In response, the operations manager of the doll brothel said sex dolls have become “fashionable sex fetishes”. They often understand what men need better than real women, and at the same time do not speculate about men like a woman.

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