The reason for the popularity of love dolls

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There are many love doll platforms to buy, but you need to be careful before buying.







Love dolls are a hot commodity, and it is only in recent years that love dolls have become such a commodity.

The serious imbalance between men and women is the main reason. For example, China is the most populous country in the world, and the current ratio of men to women is 118:100. According to this ratio, there are theoretically 30 million bachelors in China, not to mention that more and more women are practicing non-marriage, and the number of women left is also very high. The actual number of bachelors in China is much higher than 30 million, and with such a large number of bachelors, their With such a large number of bachelors, their sexual needs are not adequately satisfied.

Sex Doll
The phenomenon of couples living in two places is increasing. Due to the extreme imbalance in the development of China’s economy between regions, the east coast, the areas along the Yangtze River and the large and medium-sized cities have become the main development areas of China’s economy, and these areas attract a large number of people, which inevitably leads to more and more couples living in different places.

With the emergence of sex doll, many people will be curious about how tastes will be reflected in certain groups of people, and if someone takes the lead, it will certainly affect a large number of people in the area. When someone takes the lead, this social trend will slowly spread and form a large market impulse.

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