The Realistic Love Doll Skeleton Difference.

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Before you buy, you need to understand the basic differences in CHEAP SEX DOLLS.







There are six new skeletons in total. The new skeleton creates a joint in the waist of the love doll, but now your doll can twist and turn. If you are jealous, you need to give a jerk, the result of the jerk will be that you have a slight shift, whether you are left or right, you are not a machine. Thanks to the design of the hip joint, your alignment will change when you apply force to adjust to your position. To give you a logical problem, because the new skeleton love sex doll has a uterus in the inner channel. Then when you take it out, the suction cups in that channel contract and absorb a physical effect, and then you feel the suction and your stimulation is very noticeable. The new silicone doll has a double gear design in the joints, which plays an important role in practical use, but it is not screwed, so basically you don’t have to think about excessive force. Of course, the joints of the new factory doll are normal and become obedient after a week of use, so later the joints will not relax excessively and fall off when you lift the leg. What about fixed joints waiting for certain conditions to deteriorate? Initially the bolts will be tight, which is normal, but over use they will slowly loosen, which is also normal, but the bolts will not get old or loose. Did you tighten the screws after you removed the love doll? After that day, it will definitely be too loose at the joints.

New bone dolls can twitch their shoulders, but why the twitching? Well, the shoulders of the old skeleton sex dolls don’t have that and then when you lift the arms of the real doll, the armpits of the real doll will surely cause deformation. Did you make rubber bands when you were a kid? Did you stretch directly or twist and stretch? Twisting and stretching can cause damage. The same is true for the wife of a love doll. You don’t want to scratch your baby’s armpits? Your new sex doll can shrug its shoulders, which means that when your love doll raises its hands, its armpits are stretched a lot. Stretching means that there is no twisting. She is now ready for the simulation.

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It is aesthetically perfect, there is nothing to say about it.

do you heat it? I’m from the south where it’s not very cold, but my next sex doll will still be cold if it’s not heated. So I would rather have a heater or electric blanket in the north, otherwise it feels very cold.
2: Standing hair Do you want it? — Many people think that the size of a love doll is similar to that of a real person. My doll is a normal function, for me, I buy a real doll just for ventilation and I just need to warm it up. If it is a photo shoot, you may need to have a standing hair transplant.

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