The production of sex dolls is becoming more and more technical

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Real dolls are not only for single men, they are also popular with non-bisexuals and non-heterosexuals. Through online retailers, the sex toy market has expanded and diversified in recent decades and has successfully addressed the needs of female customers. In the digital age, silicone dolls are becoming more and more technological. A vibrator with a built in camera can now be used that can be remotely controlled by a remote partner or synced to the user’s digital music playlist or favorite virtual reality pornography.

The development of innovative toys is at least partly determined by customer needs. Crowdfunding projects prove this, and future clients provide investment funds to entrepreneurs who launch new sex dolls (e.g. so-called bionic dildos). Provide tactile biofeedback when lashing. People are more and more interested in developing sex toys for the elderly and disabled, such as sex toys that have mental control ability, so they do not need hand functions.

Although sex toys depicting human body parts are widely accepted, the development and sale of full-body humanoid dolls and full-body interactive and mobile robots have generated much controversy in the public and academic communities. The difference starts with clarifying the central concept. Should sex dolls and sex robots be considered the next high-end sex toys?

This family uses sex dolls and sex robots. The typical place of use of sex dolls and sex robots is the home environment, and the crafts purchased can be used for home entertainment and long-term use. Some authors predict that sex dolls and sex robots will have beneficial positive effects, including social friendship, sexual exploration, pleasure, and increased satisfaction with individuals and couples.

Other predictions for male users will have a serious negative impact on objectification and violence against women. They believe that men who use love dolls or sex robots that resemble women are trained to sexually objectify real women and ignore sexual consent.

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