The potential of lifelike love dolls in China

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Today, real love doll manufacturer talk about all the advantages of silicone dolls that you may not know about.
Are there any advantages to using dolls with full silicone bodies? Are they as popular as they could be?













First, when you go on a business trip, the whole silicone doll is a simulation doll, convenient and practical, indispensable for single men, you can solve the fatigue of travel, the second is more safe and healthy, the probability of fraud is naturally reduced.

Second, at a time when China is getting older and older, it is said that there are 400 million elderly people, half of whom are elderly, the psychology of the elderly must be satisfied.

Third, a person with a Tpe doll can have an effective influence on the sex service industry, and with such a strong influence, nightclubs, swimming pools, etc. can also reduce social pressure.

Fourth, disabled people can live a perfect life. Disabled people can only find true love in the news and stories; real life is often very difficult, and many have to resign themselves to staying alone all their lives.

When you buy a real doll, you must first know the events that the doll should know, and if you don’t know them, they are also related to wood. Topics to be evaluated

65cm sex doll
When it comes to buying a love doll, there are many things to consider – buying a physical doll that fits our company is the top priority. When buying, you should not choose blindly; you have yet to consider the actual operation and use of the sex doll; you should pay attention to whether the aftermarket wallet is prepared and whether the love doll itself is useful.

If you want to extend the life of a real doll by using it longer, you should take proper care of the cheap dolls under normal circumstances. Make sure to check them regularly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Catch a good time every month, detect and fix malfunction of the sex doll as soon as possible, clean and lubricate the love doll in time, and test the safety function as soon as possible. Follow the above points and I am sure the duration of your physical doll can be extended.

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