The oudoll Store offers a perfect way to transport goods

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1. can the shipment be sent directly to the post office box?







The 【】 Store offers a comprehensive way to transport goods to accompany your love dolls cheaply. The delivery time is within two weeks.We use third-party carriers to ship goods (including FedEx and DHL), so it is not possible to ship to PO boxes. However, in some cases, the carrier may hold your package at a nearby store or shipping center and pick it up from there. We can provide the name of the carrier associated with us so that you can discuss alternative shipping methods.

2. I may be out of town on the day my package is to be shipped. How should I arrange?

Once the tracking number provided for the doll has been shipped, you can simply contact the shipper (FedEx) with your tracking number and arrange for the carrier to hold the package at a nearby store or shipping center. Then you can receive the package from him.

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