The origin and development of love dolls

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The story of Pygmalion is as follows: The sculptor carved a beautiful female statue. It is so beautiful that she fell in love with it, prayed that it could be real, got his wish and lived happily ever after. However, the true modern heir of Pygmalion could be Davecat, who lives in southeast Michigan and owns three high-ranking sex dolls. His first purchase, named Sidore Kuroneko, thought to be his wife. The other two – Elena and Muriel – are close friends. He did not carve them, but they are his works. After they arrived, they designed their personalities before making them. This is a love story popular at the beginning of true love dolls. But when does the history of sex doll begin? This article describes the history and development of sex doll.

In the 1700s, Dutch sailors on voyages invented sex dolls and made sex dolls with old clothes. In the 1920s, the Dutch sold love dolls to Japan. That is why the Japanese call the love dolls “the Dutch woman”, but these words are still used. 1930s – The first sex doll produced by Nazi Germany during World War II. 1950 – Produced Japan’s first life size sex doll. The sexdoll is made of textile, vinyl or silicone. Silicone are considered particularly high quality materials and are very rare. 1992 – The appearance of sex dolls has been greatly improved. Two brands in the USA and Japan have grown. Both produce silicone dolls, most of which meet the local market. The birth of 2000-2008 network facilitated the online purchase of real doll. The demand in Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand increased as love dolls can be bought the USA and Germany. 2010 – The first Chinese silicone love doll brand was born. Thanks to the German joint ventures, they have achieved great success in a short time.





2005-2013 – Several brands were born in Europe, wm dolls, JY Doll, mainly Germany and France. All brands, including US and Japanese brands, are very high quality. One doll sells for more than 3,000 euros. 2014 – A large middle class born in China. The first generation of the one-child policy for children over 20 years. On average, they face the problem of gender inequality. Due to the traditional Asian concept, men want more families than women, while families want boys instead of girls. They can’t find a life partner and create a huge demand for love dolls. 2014 – This is demand, this is supply. The number of Chinese manufacturing industries has increased, especially if they have strong manufacturing capabilities. The pioneers of lifelike sex dolls began to use TPE to manufacture sex dolls, which greatly reduced the price and made the real doll more realistic than ever before. 2015 – Adult sex dolls has achieved great success and the industry has attracted many other Chinese manufacturers. The growth of Chinese manufacturers tells a story – although there is demand, the previous pricing is an affordable price. The demand for European real sex doll manufacturers has shrunk and many companies have closed down. 2016-Sex robot is a new term. Many companies have invented the integration of artificial intelligence into their sex doll. However, the technology is still very new and the price is over 10,000 euros. Sooner or later, we see that the sex bot is new, the price decreases and the result becomes more mature. The development of sex dolls is not always smooth, and people have accepted sex dolls from the first disgust to the present. The function of real doll sex doll is also based on satisfying sexual fantasies, viewing loneliness as a work of art, reducing crime and so on. Well, the speed of progress of sex dolls has not stopped, let’s wait and see how far it will eventually develop.

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