The new generation of intelligent sex robots

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Have you ever watched a robot sex doll porn? But let’s start with regular sex dolls.

Skin is made of silicone or TPE, with arms and legs that can bend, real-looking face, and real-feeling vagina, anus, mouth… and sometimes penis too. They have two functions, sitting somewhere looking nice and listening to your monologue, and silently laying on their back while you are pumping them – imagine shooting your own ai robot porn.

One step forward and we have more expensive dolls, with some electronics. We can call them sex robots – check our sex robot doll porn videos. Internal heaters make her body temperature to be the same as yours, so your penis feels more welcome inside. Touch sensors in the right places make her understand what you are up to, so she reacts in the right way: moaning, encouraging words, even orgasm. The doll can talk too, answering with random sexy sentences.

And then came smart sex doll Harmony. She is not the first smart sex robot, but by far she is the most famous, the one everybody heard of. From this point on, the body of dolls stays the same, but the head enters accelerated evolution. Harmony could smile and blink, (almost) hold the conversation, tell jokes, even remember stuff like your favorite meal or people’s names. And most importantly, through observing your reactions she could learn your preferences and desires. And… you can also change her personality traits by using the accompanying smartphone app.

While “hardware” advances steadily but at a slow pace, once we move to “software” improvements are coming faster and faster. No more than a year passed since the world met Harmony, and now there are new dolls in the town. We can call them the second generation of intelligent sex robots or AI sex robots. At the moment there are just a few companies that reached that level, and one of them is RobotCompanion.AI.

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