The most sensitive places on a woman’s body

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The sacrum is located above the tailbone, where the buttocks and back join, and is a very intimate and suitable place for touching. When making love, men can consider using their tongues to lick this area, which will bring a certain sense of stimulation to women, thus increasing the love between the two.

Behind the ears and the inner recesses of the ears
The ears are a part of sex that is often overlooked, and stimulating them with your mouth can give her intense pleasure. Biting her earlobe will make her shiver. You can also use your lips to gently brush her ear, or use your fingers to gently press the earlobe or stick your fingers inside the ear for a good teasing effect.

Breasts, between the breasts
When stroking the breasts, women feel a very sensual, joyful experience. The area around a woman’s breasts is not all that sensitive, but the focus is on the “nipples”.
In addition, the nipples are indeed sensitive, but up to stimulate the nipples will make women turn off. Don’t neglect between the breasts, bury your head between the breasts and kiss, not only to stimulate her, but also to make the man burning.
In the moment of passion, men use their hands to hold women’s breasts up and down, it is also said to be a powerful way to trigger women’s orgasms.

The female buttocks are a very sensitive area and some doctors treat female frigidity by stimulating them. Gently slapping her buttocks and drawing circles with your fingers on the buttocks can both arouse sexual desire.

The feet are closely related to the genitals, and if you put her big toe in your mouth and suck on it, it will unimaginably arouse her sexual desire. A man stroking a woman’s feet, or a little massage, is sure to make her heart flutter, and can facilitate the onset of orgasm!

back all
Back massage, is a kind of light touch can stimulate erotic, itself prone is easy to stimulate erotic position, while in the back massage is to increase the body contact between the two people.

When the female top position, the hand strokes squeeze the sides of the woman’s waist, will produce a sense of arousal, this action is very effective during sex.

Another hypothesis of kissing suggests that the role of kissing is to raise the level of sexual arousal and prepare the couple for sex. When men and women are in a strong relationship, kissing can be good with your tongue, gently stroking with your fingertips, or sticking your fingertips in your mouth. Make sure your hands are clean, of course. Do not talk during the kiss, and it is best to keep your eyes closed.

The clitoris is the most sensitive female sexual organ and stimulation here should be done in moderation. Men can carefully touch the labia in an upward motion, stroking upward with their fingers. When kissing the clitoris, the force should be adjusted at any time depending on the woman’s reaction, and never disregard the woman’s feelings.

The back of the neck
Don’t always focus on the collarbone, which is sexy but not sensitive. The most reliable way is to kiss the back of her neck. Quietly go behind her, lift the hair on the back of your lover’s neck and kiss her gently. She will soon drop what she is doing and turn around to embrace you, asking you to caress more parts of her.

Both sides of the belly button
In the mother’s womb, the navel and the clitoris develop from the same tissue and are therefore closely linked neurologically. Gently press your hand around the navel, adjusting the amount of force at any time according to the expression of your partner. You can also use your tongue to try from the top down.

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