The most common types of love dolls

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Sex dolls are often referred to as inflatable dolls in the media: plastic, bulky and identical. However, with the research and development of production materials, there are various options for love doll types, but also the custom functions of the doll are open. In this article, the most common types of sex dolls are introduced.

Blow Up Real Love Dolls: classic inflatable girlfriends have hardly changed. Although they are generally still made of PVC, many companies offer solid silicone heads, hands and feet. These dolls are useful for people with very limited storage space, but a little too convenient for those looking for fake companions who have toys. Explosion sex dolls basically masturbate strictly. And although they are the cheapest option, they can’t meet the same requirements as other sex dolls in this list.

Cloth and fabric dolls: Unlike blow-up sex doll, stuffed sex dolls do not aim for realism, but rather animate animation. These love dolls come in different styles, mostly anime style. They have slots for vaginal insertions, so you don’t have to worry about messing up the material. These love dolls are perfect for people with extravagant fetishism or for those who are uncomfortable with the somewhat uncomfortable valley aesthetic itself. Right now, dolls sold in the US don’t have skeletons, so they can’t be sold. However, they are lighter and easier to store (or conceal) than their silicone / TPE equivalents.













TPE Lisebes dolls: Similar to silicone, TPE is softer and more flexible than silicone. It tends to give the impression of anything it touches, including clothing. TPE sex doll are generally wearable and have metal skeletons like tpe love dolls, which are somewhat heavy. Although many TPE labdolls are smaller and lighter than their silicone counterparts. TPE feels very realistic when warmed up. The softness that makes it sensitive to pressure also makes it easy to bend to its partners. For those who like to dress up their love dolls, one drawback to this real doll is that TPE stains very easily with dyes, so white clothing is most practical.

Silicone sex dolls: The silicone sex love doll is softer and more realistic than its plastic counterparts. It feels like skin and offers a wide range of appearance options. Many companies offer cute dolls. These dolls have metal skeletons and removable facial features, so you can customize both their appearance and physical placement. It takes a lot of preparation time before a person can have sex with a love dolls. Their skin must be powdered and it should be warmed and lubricated with an electric blanket to avoid rubbing.

The sex doll industry continues to grow and grow. At the same time, with the advancement of technology, the demand for Real love dolls will continue to increase, the scale will continue to increase, and the options available will continue to increase. Cute cuddly toys meet human needs to hold. Sex dolls fulfill some human needs. The development of sexual robots will open new chapters for people’s future life.

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