The man has stolen a sexy luxury love dolls

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Monica is one of the most famous luxury love dolls of Australia and the world, because the manufacturer is aware of the desire to make gentlemen buy these toys, so he tries to capture all their illusions. This is that Monica has some infarct curves, and there are so many details that make her face very similar to the human and cost about 2,500 euros.









However, a man who apparently did not receive the necessary funds, noted that if he had read about luxury love dolls, it would be easy to rob in the Moorabbin store in Australia. Of course, I also tried to collect this sex doll to make a happy ending in LondonThe video from a surveillance camera was taken at the moment when the man with the bandana parked his truck in front of the house and took out a large bar. He started beating the back door of the store. After several attempts, he managed to break it so he could enter the store. After a few seconds, he went out with Monica.

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