The Future of Sex Dolls

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For those people that think sex dolls are a fad, then we urge you to reconsider. If you take a futurist position and look at what’s possible in the future, the results might surprise you.

Think about the first blow-up doll for a minute. 50-years ago, on its release, society was against it due to the widespread holding of conservative values across the United States. The technology was also crude, and the dolls were more like inflatables you would find at a pool party, than a real love doll.

50-years later, can you imagine what the creators of the original blow-up doll must think about the types of sexy real sex dolls available? The technology is worlds apart. The public also has a much more liberal view towards sex dolls, and sex in general.

The culture shifted, and sex doll technology adapted alongside it.

Can you imagine what’s in the future for full size sex dolls? It won’t be long before artificial intelligence and machine learning programs integrate with sex dolls. In that situation, you could have a doll that talks back to you, not only in the bedroom but in everyday situations. Your doll could ask you how your day at the office went, pour you’re a drink, and then seduce you into bed.

What are the chances? What are the possibilities?

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