The first night wife always shouted pain, the penis can not be inserted to find the position

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The first night usually refers to the first night after the newlywed, nowadays people are more and more open. So the first night began to refer to the girl’s first time, the girl’s first night of pain? The first night into the can not do? I gathered some things about the first night, you may wish to refer to reference.


It may be too nervous, you can do a good job beforehand to mobilize sufficient caress, touch the sensitive parts, stimulate the secretion of love juice, so that the vaginal opening is fully lubricated, a little action gently, it can be done. This insertion can’t go in, while considering the vagina front and back wall closure is tighter, you can further relax the pressure and develop good feelings.

Many couples in the first time, will encounter the girl always shouting pain, they can not insert, anxious themselves can not find the position. This kind of thing don’t be anxious, the first time a girl has discomfort in the same room is also a normal situation, with the number of sexual life will gradually improve. This depends on the two people to cultivate well.

The girl is afraid of their own performance is not good, although a virgin, but all people have a lack of confidence in their own side, especially in sex or a rookie level player, so she will be afraid of their first poor performance, you need to do is let her put down the heart of the mustard to accept and enjoy the romantic moments with you on it.

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