The first marriage between a man and a sex robot doll

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David Levy, author of Love and Sex with Robots, is adamant. In 2050, people will not only fall in love with android robot sex dolls, but also celebrate the marriage between man and machine. While the American company Abyss Creations, which specializes in inflatable dolls, is about to release Harmony, a smart sex robot that is like two drops of water to humans, fiction could become reality. Artificial intelligence (AI) experts revisit the sexual relationship, or love, between humans and robots in our summer series, C-Bot Love.

What will a sex robot look like in 2050?

He will look very much like a man. Hiroshi Ishiguro, a scientist from Osaka, Japan, is already designing classic robots that look like humans. He’s famous for his humanoid robots, and if you were in a room with one of his robots, for the first 10 or 20 seconds you might think you were in the presence of a human, he said. And as robots evolve, it will take you more and more time to understand that you are dealing with a machine. I believe that by 2050, robots will come very close to humans.

Is Harmony, the sex robot developed by Abyss Creations, a first step in the direction you describe in your book Love and Sex with Robots? Yes, that’s for sure. In the book I wrote in 2007, I predicted that Abyss Creations would be the first company in the world to build a sex robot. I even expected her to work there two or three years ago. But their robots won’t be as convincing as those developed by Hiroshi Ishiguro. You’ll get close to the sex dolls that have been seen for years, like Craig Gillespie’s Lars and the Real Girl, the bride who doesn’t look like everyone else. An inflatable doll with artificial intelligence and a bit of dialogue.

What made you think Abyss Creations would be number one on the show?
Abyss Creations is the only company that successfully makes life size sex dolls, hundreds a year and their business is growing. I thought she was best placed to enter the sex robot market when the technology already existed. That made sense because I didn’t know of any other company that was this advanced in the sex doll field.

Some of the people who bought Abyss Creations inflatable products developed a strong bond and the love was proven. I read some interviews where some of them explained how they fell in love. They treat their real sex dolls like they would treat a partner. When they fall in love with an inanimate object, one can imagine how much more realistic it would be to have an animated product. With the advancement of artificial intelligence, more and more people should develop feelings. In 2050, it will be possible to have conversations with robots that help build human-robot relationships. At the time I wrote this book, the idea was unusual, but if you look at the trends in academia over the past decade, you’ll see that more and more articles are getting interested in this topic. And that is just the beginning.

However, the robot is not contradictory; he says what we want to hear. In the future, robotic sex dolls will react the way they wish with the help of artificial intelligence. If you want a partner that you fight with a lot, there is an attitude that will make you more aggressive. Other parameters affect personality, conversation, topics…. If we look at the love that some owners have for their pets, it is easy to understand why we fall in love with robots. Surveys have been conducted in Chicago in the past. Older women were asked if they would prefer to see their pets or their husbands die first. Most answered their husbands. If love for animals can be strong considering they don’t speak, then obsession with what looks like a human can be even stronger.

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