The difference between TPE Dolls and silicone dolls

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TPE dolls differ from silicone dolls in the following ways.







TPE is a general term for a range of elastic materials that are rubbery elastic at room temperature and melt flowable at high temperatures. Silicone is a special cross-linked rubber with excellent mechanical strength, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. It is a thermosetting rubber that does not melt after vulcanization and burns at too high a temperature, the product of complete combustion being water. There are also silica.
2, their analytical structure is different: silicone coupling is the main chain oxygen bond, the side chain is usually methyl, that is, CH 3. TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer with styrene, olefin and polyurethane, the main difference between the two molecular structure is the SiO2 structure and CC structure.

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in terms of processing performance: silicone needs to be vulcanized and thermoformed, while TPE can be processed without vulcanization. Silicone is difficult to deform during processing, while TPE is easy to produce and process.
As shown in Figure 4, silicone is superior to TPE in terms of heat resistance. The heat resistance of silicone is generally 200-300°C, while TPE theory is generally not as high as TPE Lia and 130 〜 to 150°C.
5, the price of silicone doll is generally more than 30,000 tons, the general price of TPE between 13-30,000, TPE price is more dominant, in addition to special TPE materials such as halogen-free flame retardant, food, etc..

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