The difference between a sex doll and a real person

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In fact, real people and sex doll is not to do a good comparison, sex doll and real people have nothing to compare, let’s understand that sex doll is also an imitation of a person to do a body of the famous apparatus it.
The sex doll will not take the initiative, cleaning, dressing and maintenance are required to take care of themselves.

The feeling of use is naturally different, sex doll body material is elastic, as long as it is not damaged, has been the same feeling as the first.
Of course, if the conditions allow, there is also such a hobby as a substitute for the other half, is also a good choice.

Budget, is not the heart can really accept her, is not single a residence, or companion is also able to accept her. Then you can choose the right one for you. Such a sex doll can play the maximum value of hey you know.

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