The Demand For American MINI SEX DOLLs Is Skyrocketing!

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Sales increased by 218%, and the industry made a profit: avoid being swallowed by loneliness.

Under the long-term impact of the new crown epidemic, the sales of real life MINI SEX DOLLs in the United States have increased significantly. Both Silicon Wives and SexDoll Genie both pointed out that the sales growth in New York was amazing, with sales increasing by 65% and 218% respectively. Among them, Brooklyn (Brooklyn) ranked first in New York. Silicon Wives boss Bryan Gill mentioned that many people may choose to spend the Christmas holiday with realistic MINI SEX DOLLs this year.

According to the New York Post, Brian Gill, the owner of Silicon Wives, said that sales of MINI SEX DOLLs have increased by 25% over last year, and sales in New York have increased by 65%, ranking first in the United States. Then there is Los Angeles. , Chicago, Dallas and other cities. He also mentioned that 50% of the guests come from Brooklyn, and the demand is the highest in New York City, followed by Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan. ).

SexDollGenie, another physical doll brand from Miami, also pointed out that the company’s sales in New York this year soared by 218%; Brooklyn’s sales also ranked first in New York.

Gil also believes that these dolls can be good companions. They have a stylish body shape that can meet both physical and psychological needs, so that single people will not be swallowed by loneliness on weekend nights; in addition, There are also more and more people choosing high-quality MINI SEX DOLLs for pure companionship. This is because compared to the feeling of alienation from being with people, there are many social activities under the influence of foreign objects. Moreover, the physical doll has the beautiful qualities and perfect appearance in the fantasy, and will never leave. It can be expected that more and more people will choose physical dolls to spend weekend vacations together.

These silicone MINI SEX DOLL are actually very expensive. The price of life-size dolls is about 2,000 to 3,000 US dollars (about 12,000 to 20,000 yuan). With the advancement of science and technology, the function of physical dolls is increased. More diversified; in addition to a variety of appearances, it also has a temperature function, which makes you hug a real person; some even add an AI system to set personality, mood, voice, accent, etc. through programs , The realism is quite high.

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