The body shape of the realistic dolls

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Before you buy, you need to know how much weight you can carry to enjoy cheap sex dolls.
For example, I have large breasts of 158 cm and full breasts of 162 cm (commonly called fat woman). I am 186 years old and weigh about 90 kg. I am 186 years old and weigh about 90 kg… One of the 158 bothered to take it out of the box and the others did not care; two of the 162 took it out of the box and put it on the bed, and she was exhausted. I tried to turn over with her, put her stockings on, and get her to lift her bottom, but it was very difficult. I was too tired, I was sweating, and I had no interest!” .







From that day on 162 lay on the bed, and this time I put the box back to eat the ashes while 158 she posed in different positions, changed clothes and took photos… ……………. … … … … … … Some of you may think that I am exaggerating a little. Let’s talk about the two weights, 158 is about 32 kg and 162 is about 54 kg. I can hold anyone who can hold 60 kg, then you have to remember that the weight of this person is not true. It will cooperate with you to complete the movement; unlike a doll, it will not cooperate with you, and you must endure it with 100 percent of your strength.

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The first thing that must attract many newly selected dolls when they are cute is the doll’s perfect face and stunning figure; have you ever considered the unknown weight behind her perfect figure? If you choose a doll that is 165 tall, weighs 50 kg and is 170 cm tall, have you considered the weight of over 40 kg? Would your princess be able to tolerate it?

(If I did not tell you that I am a bodybuilder).

If I pick up a doll that doesn’t fit my weight or fitness level, I either take her out of the box and put her on my bed or I’m off my couch. When I play with her, I have to change my attitude, and I plan to incorporate that into my life. What do you think about that? The end result is to throw the doll in a corner, eat it, and finally throw it into the “wild” or put it on a free fish, a title called “moving.” I “married” the doll, etc., and will never touch it again. Because now you have only one sentence in your head: “I will marry you”.

In conclusion, before buying, you need to know how much weight you can carry to enjoy the pleasure the doll will give you; adjust your size and interact with the doll. Regardless of how tall or heavy you are, you must adjust the size and weight of the doll.

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