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Life-size dolls live under one roof with Ozaki’s wife and Tokyo’s teenage daughter and share a bed with Ozaki. He argued repeatedly until his wife managed to accept the situation. Ozaki said, “At first I felt lonely because I had a child at home and became asexual, and I was lonely because I couldn’t be a partner.” I opened when I was worried. When I went to the showroom to see realistic love doll, I was at a loss. “”








Mr. Da said so when he blushed, wore sexy clothes, wigs and accessories on real sex dolls and was in a wheelchair together. I bought love dolls without telling my wife. “My doll came home for the first time and my house and kids were surprised. (I recently got used to it.) My daughter said,” Oh, I’m happy because it’s a small sex doll. “Because it was small at first. I’m embarrassed. Ozaki said. Mr. Osaki said he was not enthusiastic about the relationship with human women. “Japanese women have also become increasingly cold lately. For people, it’s cool because they’re dirty.

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