The Beginner’s Guide To Buying & Owning Mini Sex Dolls

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In recent years, sex dolls industry is in full swing, with hundreds of doll styles on the market. Do you have a complete understanding of dolls? How to choose a favorite doll? Here I give you some tips. The following questions and instructions are very important to you. Please read them carefully.

1. Material selection
At present, there are three kinds of physical dolls on the market, TPE, silicone and cloth. Each kind of doll has different texture and experience.

a. TPE doll is soft, tear resistant, elastic, easy to dye, easy to change, easy to oil, moderate service life, slightly inferior in body details and makeup painting, unable to transplant hair and eyelashes, matte, heavy weight, difficult to wear clothes, and relatively cheap. (PS: novice trial and error type)

b. Silicone doll has soft material, less ductility than color EPT, not easy to dye, not easy to oil, not easy to deform, long service life, good performance in details such as body curve and skin texture, can be painted, hair and eyelashes can be planted, the material is bright, the weight is heavy, it is difficult to wear clothes, and the price is the most expensive. (PS: one-step type)

c. At present, there is only one manufacturer making cloth dolls, which has the advantages of light weight and good storage, and does not need frequent maintenance such as washing and powdering. Clothes are also simple and the price is the cheapest. (PS: if you like cloth dolls, you can consider it)

2. Brand selection

Sex Dolls on the market include domestic brands, Japanese brands, European and American brands (for brands, see my other article for details). In terms of price, imported ones are much more expensive than domestic ones. There must be some reasons for the high price. It is recommended to choose a big brand with good reputation, with guaranteed quality, one-step implementation and less deception.

3. Choose the body

a. Choose the height. At present, the height of the doll is between 120-170, the body weight of 120 is about 20kg, the body weight of 148 is about 25kg, the body weight of 160 is about 30kg, and the body weight of 170 is about 35kg (this value is also different in each family). Of course, the lighter the better, which is convenient for transportation, bathing and dressing.

b. Choose body proportion and chest size. Some people like plump mature women, some people like slim girls, some people like big breasts, some people like flat breasts, and so on

c. Choose split or integrated, which mainly refers to the use function. Poor split authenticity and easy to clean; One beautiful and real, difficult to clean

d. Choose the skeleton. The skeleton structure designed by each doll manufacturer is different, resulting in a slight difference in the activity of dolls of each brand. Some dolls can pose 90% close to real people, while some can only pose 70% simple knowledge close to real people. Some dolls will bounce back when they pose well. This is related to their body material. If you are a photo lover, skeleton design should be considered.

4. Head selection carving

There are many styles of head carving, such as European and American type, Asian type, mature type, girl type, Lori type, etc. the choice of appearance varies from person to person. In terms of material, the silicone head makeup is exquisite and not easy to fade. It can be planted with hair and eyelashes. The painting details of TPE head are slightly poor and easy to fade. When using hair cover, eyelashes are easy to fall off. Silicone tip is highly recommended.

5. Select function

The function of entity doll can be summarized in two words, “use” and “play”. The function of “use” is also the function of adult products. “Play” is the function of physical dolls. The process is exquisite. They are close to perfection in both appearance and figure. You can choose their appearance and figure according to your personal preferences, and create her (him) who belongs to you alone. It is very suitable to accompany or take photos. It has the feeling of real people. In addition to watching TV, surfing the Internet and eating with you, you can also dress her (him) carefully, Take photos and communicate with baby friends. More importantly, she (he) is the best listener. He can tolerate everything you have.

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