Technical developments in silicone dolls around the world

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Why is it called a realistic love doll? Firstly, because it adopts the technique of full body modeling, in which certain materials are applied to the body model, and the skin of the molded doll is a perfect replica. You can see the texture and feel of the skin. Secondly, because the head sculpt of this sexy doll is a waxed silicone head, the detail of this head sculpt is very well simulated and very lifelike. It also successfully grows eyebrows and eyelashes. In this regard, Dollsty delivers a visual impression of realism that is difficult to recognize from a distance as simultaneously real and fake.














A realistic doll that sells out in minutes is probably a mistake, and even if it is realistic, TPE love dolls are no better. Almost all of our friends agree that the dolls are a bit heavy and could be made lighter, and that they are realistic enough to entertain the player. Even better, it would be more comfortable.

The dolls are too heavy for some people to play with, which is the heaviest injury in this industry, so there is no need to lighten the weight of the purse. The current live action dolls are also difficult to escape as the dolls lose weight, with the adult version weighing at least 30 kg. The average player finds it very difficult to play with them, and playing with them means that they are mentally exhausted and consume a lot of energy.

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In this context, the founders of Realistic Love Dolls have stated that they will focus on developing lightweight dolls to meet the needs of their friends, development and production companies. We really need a satisfactory doll for real life. Of course, it will take some time, but friends can be patient and do not let people down.

At that time, many people wanted this little silicone doll to come true, and they did their best to make it happen. Today, after some adjustments, the real doll is also fully presented to everyone. Because of the attitude of this company, many of our friends say that they will wait patiently until it evolves and changes. We have received a lot of support from our friends in the US, who said that they will continue to follow the development of the lighter dolls.

At the moment, it is difficult for the True sex Doll to escape from being overweight, but I think that as the technology develops and continues to develop, it can lose weight and bring lightness to more people. I can say that people are very excited about the gospel.

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